AC Drive Mitsubishi 0.25KW

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AC Drive Mitsubishi 0.25KW


  • ID: # 22218
  • Part Number: 4040016
  • Used for: Horizon, Titan, Vector, Volt
  • Location: Print head

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Powerful and compact Mitsubishi Automation AC Frequency Inverter for 0.25kW. The inverter is relatively easy to install for speed control of a three phase AC induction motor.

Anatol Equipment used the AC Frequency Inverter on their automatic screen printing presses to control speed of a flood bar move, and the printing carriage speed control. The inverter is mounted at the end of the printing head.

Features – two Analogue Inputs, five Digital Inputs, one Analogue output,  Potentiometer mounted at the front, one Relay Contact set and one digital output.
Possible to program it from the Keypad or a PC by qualified Anatol Equipment technician.

AC Inverter drive is relatively easy to install once programmed.


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