Stratus II Screen Printing Press
Built to last

Automatic Screen Printing Machine - Stratus
Performance, innovative technology and durability at an unbeatable price.

The Stratus II is no longer available. Check out its successor - the all-new Anatol Vector!

Informacje o STRATUS II

Anatol’s Stratus II screen printing machine combines advanced technology with a low price for an unbeatable combination. The durable Stratus II is built of rolled steel to reduce vibration and ensure smooth operation through high production speeds over years of daily use. A 15” touchscreen powered by the Aries operating system provides one-touch access to all press settings. The Stratus II screen printing press also features Anatol’s trademark tool-less stroke adjustments and individual print head controls at every station for complete control over press settings.

The Stratus II is no longer available. Check out its successor - the all-new Anatol Vector!

STRATUS II zdjęcia

Monitor dotykowy sterowanie

  • 15”-17” touchscreen with Aries operating system
  • Real-time display of print count and speed (pcs/hr)
  • Air pressure shut off control
  • Self-diagnostic feature
  • Sample print feature, print one shirt automatically
  • Set automatic sequential start/finish function
  • Set dwell times, with adjustments for cycling speed and cool down time

Głowice drukujące

  • Individual print head control print/flood speed, squeegee pressure
  • Table lift and lower
  • Test print at station
  • Multiple print strokes (1-9) per head
  • Pneumatic screen clamps

Beznarzędziowa Regulacja

  • True three-point micro-registration provides quick and accurate screen positioning (front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational)
  • Gauged front/rear stroke adjustment easily slides into lock/unlock positions
  • Squeegee/flood bar angle adjustment allow single-handed locking from 0º-30º at increments of 5º
  • Gauged click-type central off-contact precisely adjusts all screen printing pallets simultaneously at range of 0-3/8 inch, at increments of .005”/click


  • Standard 16” x 22” solid aluminum rubber-coated pallets included
  • Squeegee/flood bars snap in/out with the flip of a lever
  • Pallet locking system, load and lock with one lever
  • Front loading screens for simple screen removal

Indeksowanie serwo

  • Provides higher production speeds with more precise control of acceleration and deceleration
  • Index direction, clockwise or counterclockwise and half-indexing
  • Servo drives rated to last for decades
  • Programmed with Step-Back, Multi Step-Back and Cycle mode indexing
  • Free wheel mode


  • Anatol’s patented safety bars to ensure operator safety
  • Heavy-duty steel frame to support high speeds and smooth production cycles
  • Large column with thrust ball bearing provide stability
  • Ball bearing lead screw with a recirculation internal lubrication system
  • Maintenance-free, requires only periodic oil level check

Opcjonalne funkcje i pliki do pobrania

    • 17” Touchscreen
    • Larger models automatically come with a 17” touchscreen.
    • Individual head off-contact
    • Set off-contact on each head separately.
    • Foot pedal for manual cycle mode
    • Lets you control both auto and manual index modes.
    • Flashes
    • Anatol Equipment offers a full range of infrared and quartz flashes.
    • Installation/removal is quick and simple: just slide in, switch on air clamps, and plug in.
    • Different mode settings (varies by flash style).
    • Supports up to four flash units with full control from the machine's main control panel.
    • The print head’s open construction makes the Stratus II compatible with some other manufacturer’s stand-mounted flash units (all non-Anatol flash cures will need to have independent control capabilities).
      • Stratus II 8 stations/6 colors
      • Stratus II 10 stations/8 colors
      • Stratus II 12 stations/10 colors
      • Stratus II 14 stations/12 colors
      • Stratus II 16 stations/14 colors
      • Stratus II 18 stations/16 colors
      • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Equipment Certification

    European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) compliant: built to specifications established by both CE and UL

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