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“Since adding our Anatol Horizon and gas dryer July of 2013 we have grown 206.4% since the day we put it in. In July 2014 we added the Aurora UV LED exposure unit, saving us $5200 that year in labor overhead in the screen department. We have had zero issues with our equipment, whenever we have questions an Anatol team member is quick to respond. Now we have ONLY Anatol equipment in our collection, including two Horizons, a Prodigy tag printer, two Lightning manual presses with air locks, two Aurora LED exposure units, an Anatol heat press and a Volt XL. Anatol is the definition of ‘bang for your buck’. If you’re ever passing through Columbus, Ohio, stop in Traxler Custom Printing for a tour!”

Zachary Traxler
Traxler Custom Printing
Bureaux régionaux
Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co.
World Headquarters
919 Sherwood Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044, USA
Phone: 847-367-9760
Fax: 847-582-1854
Anatol Europe
European Headquarters
Ul Rejonowa 10
17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, Poland
Phone: (+48) 85 731 93 00
Fax: (+48) 85 730 1779
Anatol Ukraine
Ukraine Office
Smilyvykh Street, 28A,
Lviv, Ukraine
Phone: +38 063 989 26 77
Fax: 847-582-1854
Anatol Latin America
Latin American Office
San Salvador
El Salvador
Phone: 847-454-7612
Fax: 847-582-1854
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