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“Our all-electric Volt that was delivered last month but the really big revelation for me has been the stellar, unsurpassed customer service we have received. It is truly amazing to be on the receiving end of such thoughtful, pro-active and patient assistance — all concerns, regardless of how big or small, are addressed with speed, skill and good humor. And we would be seriously remiss were we not to send a major shout-out to Doug and Dan who have done an excellent job giving us the impression that we are their only customers! Personally, I believe the quality of a company and its products can best be measured by how thoroughly and consistently its people stand behind what they produce — particularly after the sale. From what I have experienced so far, Anatol has set the standard against which all others can be measured. Thanks for offering the kind of customer service and support that makes us feel selecting an Anatol was the wise choice.”

Sally Brown
Left Hand Promotions
Bureaux régionaux
Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co.
World Headquarters
919 Sherwood Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044, USA
Phone: 847-367-9760
Fax: 847-582-1854
Email: sales@anatol.com
Anatol Europe
European Headquarters
Ul Rejonowa 10
17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, Poland
Phone: (+48) 85 731 93 00
Fax: (+48) 85 730 1779
Email: internationalsales@anatol.com
Anatol Ukraine
Ukraine Office
Smilyvykh Street, 28A,
Lviv, Ukraine
Phone: +38 093 399 89 76
Fax: 847-582-1854
Anatol Latin America
Latin American Office
919 Sherwood Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044, USA
Phone: 847-604-3223
Fax: 847-582-1854
Email: internationalsales@anatol.com
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